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We have been learning English for three years. We don't miss anything. He used to sit reading for hours.

My wife deliberated whether we would buy a new house or not.

This will be the book you are looking for. Japan is full of surprises! My name is John, too. I want everyone to hear what I have to say. I can't live without my cat.

Damone is smart and funny. Argumentations can be analysed in terms of the signals of the writer's attitudes and judgement. Arne was lying unconscious on the operating table. Our best pictures of the human mind suggest that we don't plop our mental activities into single, ordered boxes. Can I drink alcohol? I have made up my mind now. This book is full of figures of speech. Mitchell has no one to play with today.

You'll go with me. Full stop! When she began to speak, her voice was less dry than it had been. I ask myself if I'll be married some day. They would kill me if they found out. This is a sentence that I don't know how to translate. Raja was unwilling to do what we asked him to do. I hear you'll set up a new company.

Has anyone spoken to him? I think you and I need to have a talk. Bucky put on her new dress for the party. Their apples aren't as good as ours. I just ran three miles. Those without knowledge can do nothing, and those who can do nothing can eat nothing. You must apologize to her for coming late. The man is writing in the notebook. Talking of Smith, what has become of his daughter? This is longer than any other bridge in the world.

I'd like to go around the world on a boat. He quarreled with his own self. She hated vanilla.

We're cheering for "Spartacus"! We should keep in touch. All of a sudden, The Holy Spirit began to speak to me the things revealed in this testimony. She dislocated her shoulder. Edward boarded a bus bound for Boston. Travis couldn't borrow as much money as he needed.

That was pretty stupid of me, wasn't it? On finishing this report, I will rest. Let's go for a walk in the park. You should trying selling your products online. Tomoko almost started to cry.

I don't need to talk about it.

There is a 25 euro supplement for the high speed AVE train. The translation does not represent the views of the translator. You've run out of things to drink. I can't get at my luggage. That law is full of ambiguities. Rogue asked Nici for John's telephone number. Do you require our help? He always wears heavy clothes. That's why I told you not to go by car. Make sure that chair is firm before you sit on it.

Miles do not matter when you are traveling across the page. Srivatsan introduced me to his roommate. I'll be calling you every morning. Why don't you leave?

Speak English with him. He often mistakes the time, and is late for his appointments. Nils just wants to talk to them. These two shirts are made from the same material. The new bank is on Baker Street. Sandip is in a special education class.

I had my secretary run off ten copies. We haven't been able to find out anything about Grandma and Grandpa. I just want to humiliate him. We'll figure this out. Why do you need one of those? I started going to the gym. I was just about to leave the house when the telephone rang.

I was forced to resign. Pierce insisted on paying the bill. The total came to ten dollars. She is all right at the moment. I met a student from America yesterday. I almost caught the fish.

Check this. I think it's time for me to join the fight. It's not as difficult to find a native speaker to help you with your language studies as it used to be.

Somehow I slept all day today. The Pathfinder Lander carried onboard a robotic rover named Sojourner. The 10 kilogram solar-powered rover was equipped with a spectrometer used to analyze the chemical composition of Martian rock and a camera which relayed images of the landscape back to Earth. Sometimes we just have to do things we don't want to do. Billy was in the hospital for three weeks earlier this year.